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7 weeks

Little Princess,


I haven’t been able to update your blog lately because I have been so busy taking care of you!  London, you are truly the love of my life.  You fill my heart with so much joy.  In these pictures you are about 7 weeks old.  Unfortunately, right around 2 weeks you started getting colic.  This stage of your life was really tough and made me so sad to witness you being so upset and not able to help you.  Around 6 weeks the colic peaked, however you still began your “social smiles.”  This was such a fun milestone!  By 9 weeks you were getting better and better!  You also started sleeping through the night at 9.5 weeks!  Yeah London!


London & Soldier 7 weeks



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Special Delivery


You finally made your debut into society and we couldn’t be happier.  We are truly on Cloud 9 and enjoying every minute since you got here!  I can’t believe how time flies, you are already 8 days old!


A couple hours after my water broke, just about to go to the hospital!


Your grandparents and your Auntie after I’ve been in labor for 18 hours!


Yeah, it’s almost baby time!


Here you are after 20 hours of labor.  P.S. you are totally worth every minute!



My sweet baby girl.

Here you are London James von Bluecher.  All 7lbs 10oz., 19.5 inches of you!



Daddy’s little cuddle bear



With your Auntie!



Watching the Yankee game with Daddy at the hospital!

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beautiful spaces

I LOVE LOVE LOVE home decor, currently nurseries.  Unfortunately, I can only decorate one room and I have decided to go with an elegant neutral nursery.  However, I love these fun bright colors for a little girls room and find them very inspiring(maybe for her toddler years)!  Click here for more images and inspiration.

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two girls for every boy

It just occurred to me that thus far I have been the only girl in the family!  Your Dad and puppy have outnumbered me.  Soon I will not be the only girl =)

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Cirque Du Bebe {part 4}

London was so blessed to have family and friends shower her with gifts!



Amber ~ 24 weeks prego with Stella and Me ~ 33  weeks

It’s going to be so fun to have little girls together!


Barron and his Auntie!







London’s first bikini…. wish they made this in my size!




My new diaper bag!



London’s Bugaboo stroller!



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I just bought both of these, aren’t they cute?  Now London can be swaddled in style!

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a nursery for London

Wow, I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going [ask me again in a few weeks and I might be singing a different tune]!  At the moment I nothing ready, except the lovely gifts from my shower here in New York.  I love the idea of a very simple and elegant nursery.  These are the top nursery ideas I have been collecting since before we were even planning a family…


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